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James Darlays (born October 27 in Lyon) is a jazz saxophonist, songwriter, having also made various trades in France alongside podiums, young dad and to prepare a musical career before being known to the media by hundreds of stars' accompaniments on podiums and studios, and finally after 2005 coming late to the Net: before that radio host, DJ, on the other hand long medical delegate, brand agent for women's ready-to-wear, ... him used to invest in musical studio equipment (Editions EMM Neuville Rhône). He is a former athletics sprinter, youth and sports medalist by Paul Messner FFA national trainer, even the media cannot catch up with him! ... His family is French, and also Swiss, family ties are in the States -United.


Born to a violinist mother, Louise Seguin-Gerbet (pupil of the Nation -Verdun- - she was invited by a President entering the Elysée Palace, in a television program with him on Antenne2 - she played at her thirties , on an 18th century violin) -, James is an orphan of father Jo-Octave Darlays-Gerbet, (knight of Social Merit decorated by the agency France Presse and its director René Fonteret) very well known and host of radio-Lyon and concerts, (JO Darlays, usual name, see the book "JO") close to Fernandel, Patachou, Gilbert Bécaud, Mick Micheyl, Robert Rocca, Marcel Pagnol, Guy Lux, Lucien Jeunesse, Jo had a figurative role (gangster) in 'Les Temps Modernes' thanks to the brother of Charlot, a sailor like him, known in ports, etc ... and FFI (Liberation forces). Married twice, to Charlotte and Claudette afterwards, James had three young children, his loves, all very athletic: Thierry judoka Vice-champion of university France, Nathalie super regional swimmer, and Benjamin in the France Boxing team kick-start 18 years to obtain seven titles of Champion of France pro Kick Taïl K-one and representing France at the World Championships in Brazil, and European Vice-Champion in 2019.

Specialist in jazz and variety on Challenge-Fm (radio became Europe2, then RTL2) in the program JameSession, James Darlays of complete identity James-Paul-Claude Gerbet-Darlays successively held positions at Max-Factor-Hollywood with the collaborators of Claudia Cardinale, (her colleagues will continue with Monica Bellucci during the filming of the films), Glaxo in the maternity and baby hygiene sector, Roussel, Atochem, Vaskène or Nina Ricci in women's ready-to-wear (sales sector). During a congress in Artigny, thanks to the people from Glaxo, he met in a small group with his colleagues, while the others deserted the restaurant - they are towards the piano in the living room -, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who came to tour Europe . This memory of the sumptuous and loving couple remained in his memory to talk about it for years. At the end of the 20th century, he composed more often and joined the organizations linked to creation: Adami, Sacem, Sdrm, Bibliothèque Nationale, Snep (as a small partner only two years), Spedidam, Sgdl, Snac or Scam, he participated in approximately four thousand concerts - large halls and clubs - since its beginnings, some accompanying song stars from all countries, others with American jazzmen known in Europe, or in small groups with their own musicians, as in quintet with Roger Guérin, after his accompaniments by Zizi Jeammaire at the Casino de Paris. In this enormous number of performances, there is a not insignificant amount of evenings in Jazz Clubs, with "sizes" as we call certain jazzmen, evenings often without large expenses! (nothing to do with the podiums of the Winter Palace, less jazz but in front of a large audience who came to celebrate an event).

James' first three hundred concerts took place at this Winter Palace, a huge international performance hall, before this abnormal demolition of the largest music hall in Europe. He is on the podium of the first parts of J.Brel, G.Brassens, M.Amont, H.Aufray, J.Ferrat, G.Lenorman, E.Mitchell, Cl.François, A.Cordy, Y.Montand, J Halliday, Clarke-Boland big band, R. Charles big band ... or accompany some like Bob Asklof ...


With studies in Light Establishments, Cazeneuve, Martinière or the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, he follows the teaching of the National Conservatory of Music to Paule Pellier and Louis Bertholon in Lyon and passes in Paris, at CNSM one of the Concours-Centralises du Ministry of Culture in this difficult and classic specialty: Harmony-Fugue-Counterpoint, where the candidates are three days locked up at the CNSM with partitions to create, used to become teachers in Conservatories, just before the creation of the current jazz classes.

He will surprise three years as a saxophonist, the public and French and American artists passing through, at the Winter Palace of Lyon, then the largest Music Hall in Europe, within the group of Daniel Bérrard (musician winner of the Honner World Cup). He will get to know the best singers of the moment as well as their teams, and perform their first parts there, before premieres of concerts at the Olympia in Paris.

Friend of the late Raoul Bruckert, his eldest, also saxophonist and president of the Hot Club de Lyon, he will meet many jazzmen there, accompany some in festivals, for example Jimmy Gourley at the Blue Note in Paris, opening act for saxophonist Dexter Gordon. Dexter will adroitly advise him, as with a college student, before leaving for Sweden and Denmark. He will also work with Georges Arvanitas, Luc Plouton, Bob Revel, Manu Dibango, Johnny Griffin, Jean-Charles Demichel, Roger Guérin, Michel Pérez ... and their loved ones.

He then formed a group to accompany Manu Dibango with jazzmen and rockers like Dominique Di-Piazza (Victoire de la Musique), Marcel Sabiani, Vincent Martin, or Jimmy Castelli. He then follows the roads with Roger Guérin in bebop quintet, a French jazzman friend with immense past and talent, having toured in the Quincy Jones orchestra, and accompanied Franck Sinatra, trumpeter (title 'Armstrong' by Claude Nougaro). Roger Guérin will sign some arrangements of the songs of James, among those still unpublished. James arranges his titles but how not to give a few titles a personal touch to the wonderful trumpeter who will settle in the 2000s at Les Saintes Maries de la Mer. Two or three unexpected touches are also passed by Claude Bolling by mail ("c is your thing, and I have noted one or two more precise harmonies, plus "). The era at the end of the 20th century was superb for James, who hoped with references like here, to decide on the media to co-distribute, or even to decide on a firm, which would be to give gifts, but would be beneficial, since everything is already registered at its expense. It is even Pierre Delanoë who declares to him "excellent work of texts and musics" by an unexpected letter from SACEM at the moment when Pierre who reminds him of the benevolence of his father, takes out his disc sung by him, with his own titles. For James, nothing happened in Paris despite his frequent stays in the capital.

It is with Roger Guérin (knight of Arts and Letters), André Paquinet, Ivan Jullien, Claude Bolling, Pascal Thouvenin, Dominique Vernes, Jean-Michel Defaye (arranger of Léo Ferré), Jean-Michel Boris (ex Director of the Olympia), among many others, that will be reformed in Najac in Aveyron in 2006, the famous Big Band of Olympia in Paris. On the property of Jacques Gay, son of the missing trumpet player, and grandson of the clarinet teacher from Lyon, a festival called Jazzaparc will be filmed by Jacques Beynett, and the scenes or the sound will be edited by James Darlays in a 1H40 film made as long although badly, due to the non-arrival of the expected France3 teams. Various rushes were sought among all the musicians. We said technicians absent from France3 that they were lost in the countryside, without a road map, or having made the wrong city or even lost at sea? The jazzmen make humor every day ... The last public performance of the trumpet player Maurice André, who came as guest of honor, took place there, accompanied in his classic titles by the jazzmen whom the latter knows well, because he co-stars in Parisian studios, or former students. It was at Jazzaparc that the interviews between artists on Copyright on the Web began, resulting from Adsl 3 / 4G subscriptions country by country, and still waiting years after the project put black on white, to be put en route by the public authorities. Other countries are interested in this project of rights of creative artists on the Internet.

The songs composed by James, and the standards included in the sax, are also recorded and produced in small quantities in phonograms under the name EMM (Musical Editions Mediterranean - personal label) awaiting collaboration with a major or a media which would help James. Only a privileged few and the radios or televisions receive the discs, awaiting support from a brand or a media opening the doors and ears of more audiences, and more than isolated passages on radios, the main thing being done. : the recording in the studio or live of fifty titles out of a hundred planned. The lyrics and music titles are dynamic songs, for example 'Vive le Jazz', 'Comme aux Premiers temps', 'Les Chansons d'Amour', 'Les Lettres Intimes', 'The Good Night', 'Par where i' begin? ',' A little green ... brown "and tend to the hundred, surrounded by swing and dozens of known glamor standards, sometimes sung, or interpreted only on the tenor with neat arrangements as in 'My way ',' How deep is your love ',' Is'nt she lovely 'or' A night in Tunisia ', respectively by Claude François, The Bee gees, St. Wonder and Dizzy Gillespie. A book was written in 2015, comparing the epochs of showbiz between now after the two thousand years, and the immense camaraderie of his father's time between Marseille Lyon and Paris, book called "JO", in memory of JO Darlays, very well known and active in the 20th century. anecdotes on this book describe the two eras, no gift is made there in the middle of Paris, currently living on himself and excluding the talent that comes from world jazz, a second volume must follow ... (it will be a complement of memories on his tours, on other meetings in multiple countries, his friendships as with Tommy Flanagan, the superb moments of happiness brought to him by his children and their families when he can rub shoulders with them for a moment, plus his second film project after that of the 2010s "Najac an 1" which tells the life of the musicians of the Big Band of Olympia) .

In 2018, James Darlays super leader from the achievements of the Big Band of Olympia (reassembled in 2006 with Roger Guérin), his latest sound-images-public references, does not seem to obtain the approval of the few members of AJON (Jazz Association for National Orchestra) to present his project which is close to his heart. This project involves the direction of the ONJ by James Darlays to boost the media coverage of the National Jazz Orchestra. James allies himself with the best, with the arrangers Jacques Palhies, Pascal Miconnet, Pascal Thouvenin, confirmed talents, plus three singers, fifteen young people (men and women) at the desks, and two 'oldies' of French jazz having worked at Quincy Jones . The singer of the ensemble is Benjamin Legrand (son of Michel Legrand and 'cherry on the cake'), all planned to succeed, according to the regulations, in 2019 to the group of guitarist Olivier Benoît who officiates since 2015. He also thought there then invite Pierre Drevet, from the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. Will the reason to favor creation in a complex art prevail? No, if the regulations asking Asso in question to contact the notice of known festivals is not respected - since none will be contacted according to the directions of Marciac, Vienne, Juan (MC) ... If the bad free-jazz-contemporary-assigned to the ONJ is still here chosen in 2019 and financed thanks to the AJON grants by Roger Fontanel, we believe that nothing is done to prepare the years of the French musical centenary of 1925, and that in France, talent and good music have little hope of better penetrating the ears of young people and their families! James has filed a complaint with official bodies such as the Court of Auditors.

In May 2019, in the United States, the Hit Parade Pop designated Ariana Grandé as N ° 1 with the title "7-rings" which is none other than "My favorite thing" the title so well known by John Coltrane, and title from 'a previous production that was less publicized - how can we not see a hope for a good future for modern jazz and bebop and the well-written swing song, after the success of a singer listened to by so many young people !? To be continued, but with patience ... Journalists helping to make this Wiki report (they are not lacking in humor) that James will join Jimmy Fallon and his shows and will be a musician or arranger with The Roots? to follow also (!) ... What is known is that James Darlays (Gerbet-Darlays James-Paul-Claude) is very philosopher in his goals. He often says that his compositions and interpretations will not be known to everyone, therefore less appreciated as he would like in the 2020s, and that it will be a little or a lot later, with the moral benefits and the copyright -editor (EMM), that one day will go to his Grandchildren for sixty-ten years, as well as the interpreter's royalties, the expected fruits and that justice will be at the rendezvous only at that time!

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